Revision of BMP 4 High Risk Area

Effective from the 1 December 2015 the High Risk Area (HRA) as defined by the sponsors of BMP4 has been altered. The Voluntary Reporting Area (VRA) remains the same. The Joint War Committee (JWC) is also yet to comment but it expected they will follow suit. MAST will comment more fully in a separate article.

The Houthi Rebels and their main supporter, General Saleh, have agreed a peace plan with the UN and will withdraw forces from Sana’a if the Saudi Coalition stops their air strikes. Thus far President Hadi and the Saudi Coalition have not recognised this statement dismissing it as a manoeuvre and have continued in their assault of Tiaz in southern Yemen.
It is clear that the blockade of northern Yemen is really starting to bite. Hodeidah and Saleef Ports have been without electricity for the last 55 days and are desperately in need of fuel. For the Houthi’s and General Saleh to be agreeing to peace deals that significantly reduce their influence it is likely they are in a very difficult position.
Bernardino Leon, the UN’s special envoy to Libya, last week announced a new deal to form a Unity Government. This was quite surprising given the Tobruk and Tripoli Governments had not agreed any terms. It appears Mr Leon may have been a little premature with his announcement with the Tripoli Government questioning the statement straight away. The Tripoli Government will not tolerate General Haftar being part of a Libyan Government. General Haftar, arguably the most powerful presence in the officially recognised Tobruk based Government, is highly unlikely to step aside. The stalemate is likely to continue.
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